My debut MG novel, THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY, released February 6, 2014...You never saw a girl more excited to spread the news!

The tour kicked off in late January, and has featured some fantastic interviews, guest posts, reviews, and vlogs; links to all stops are featured below.  

Live Posts:
Inkygirl - January 21 Interview
WhoRuBlog - January 22 Guest Post on Repurposed Items
One Writer's Journey - January 23 Interview
Paperback Treasures - January 24 Interview
At TheArtofNotGettingPublished, Susan observes that Auggie makes art from found objects, and asks what I found writing my books.  Here's my answer: 

Taffy's Writings - January 26 Interview
Word Spelunking - January 27 Interview
Valerie Storey - January 28 Tips for Writing MG Fiction
Much Loved Books - January 29 Sneak Peek
Medeia Sharif - January 31 Three Truths & One Lie
Deborah Lytton - January 31 Interview
Darlene Beck-Jacobson - February 1 Character Interview with Auggie
At Mod Podge Bookshelf, Gabrielle asks how I get in the right mindset to right MG and YA.  Here's my response:

...And just to prove how much fun I have filming vlogs, here's a silly outtake from my "right mindset" video; that's not a chainsaw in the background, it's my dog Jake!

 Literary Rambles - February 3 Interview
Scenes from a chaotic mind - February 4 Interview
At Bring on the Books, I discuss how "white circles" become one of the sweet "Auggie-isms" in THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY:

Children's Book Reviews - February 6 Guest Post / Path to Publication
Jody Casella's ON THE VERGE - February 7 Guest Post on Writing MG & YA.  At ON THE VERGE, I also discuss Auggie's voice in a vlog:


Bildungsroman - February 8 Interview
My Favorite Pastime - February 9 Interview
Jennifer Salvato Doktorski - February 10 Writer 2 Writer Interview
From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors - February 11 Guest Post on the Inspiration Behind THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY
I Am A Reader, Not A Writer - February 11 Character "This or That" with Auggie
Geo Librarian - February 12 Interview
Cynsations - February 13 Guest Post on the Power of Sticking With It
Reader Girls Blog - February Guest Post / Auggie's Favorite Things
At Bloggin' 'bout Books, I discuss love and THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY in this vlog:

She's Got Books on her Mind - February 15 Guest Post / Auggie's View of Rules
The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia - February 16 Interview
At author Naomi Kinsman's blog, I introduce Auggie with a reading from the book:

The Hiding Spot - February 19 Interview
Books for Kids - February 20 Interview
Read Now Sleep Later - February 21 Interview
Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks - February 27 Character Interviews with Auggie and Gus
ReaderKidZ - February 28 Interview (features links to folk art sites)!
Biblio File - March 1 Interview
Middle Grade March - March 3 Interview
Books of Wonder and Wisdom - March 4 Guest Post / Imagination's Power
Society of Young Inklings - March 17 Interview + Writing Challenge
Once Upon a Story - March 26 Character Interview with Gus
The O.W.L. - April 2 Post on Skype Visit
Author Of... - April 7 "Thinking Green" Earth Day Interview

Live Reviews:
Word Spelunking 
Bring on the Books 
My Favorite Pastime 
Geo Librarian 
Book Dreaming 
The Pirate Tree (Social Justice & Children's Literature) 
Books for Kids (features character sketches of Auggie and Gus)! 
Much Loved Books
Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks 
Biblio File 
Deb A. Marshall 
Books of Wonder and Wisdom 
Once Upon a Story 
The O.W.L. 
Nerdy Book Club
The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia


  1. Fantastic. I can't wait until February.

  2. Holly, This is fabulous, but... I've never been a stop before! I'm counting on you to tell me how it's done!

    1. Easy peasy! And it'll be great fun! I'll be there with you through all of it...

  3. Thanks for inviting me to take part! :)


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