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The earliest tour for FERAL has been organized by The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club

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Confessions of a Readaholic posted the best blog review I've ever received.  I had to rerun it in its entirety here:

"When I first started Feral, I was so taken with the writing. Schindler’s descriptions, though horrifying, were absolutely beautiful. I was completely enraptured by the book from start to finish. I enjoyed how dark and twisted it was, and the end completely caught me by surprise. I really enjoy books that catch you in the moments right before the person responsible is revealed, so this book had the right amount of shock and suspense, as well as great execution and delivery of story and motive.

I liked Claire’s character– I found it interesting how amidst this larger event (Serena’s death) she has her own personal struggle which definitely plays into the climax of the story. I liked how the two events intertwine and there’s a constant creepy atmosphere whenever it does. Claire is definitely a lot braver than I am or will ever be, and I totally respect that bravado in a character. Her determination to get to the bottom of what actually happened is what really kept me going through the book! Plus, it’s a bonus that a very cute guy called Rich appears throughout the novel.

Like I mentioned before, everything falls into place moments before Claire figures out the whole mystery. Seriously, I think my heart stopped beating for a while. I love shocks and twists, and holy hells, this is a good one. While some reviews complain that everything falls too easily into place, um, NO. I totally did not see this coming and I think the reasons behind certain things are absolutely justifiable and make sense. Very Slaughterhouse-Five, if I must say.

Feral was flawless, intriguing and deliciously deadly– I’m completely head over heels in love with this book. Schindler truly is a master of her craft and the sheer power her words carry have left a lasting impression on me. More please!"

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At Tif Talks Books, I shared a vlog on how my own Missouri landscape influenced the fictionalization of Peculiar:

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FERAL is also a Haunted Forest feature in Dark Faerie Tales's Fall Carnival.

The White Unicorn: 1-Question Interview Featuring...Michael Jackson
Jenuine Cupcakes: 1-Question Interview on Writing Fuel 
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I participated in Episode #63 of Crossroad Reviews's #ReadOn Chats.  You can view the full episode here:

Be sure to get in on the giveaway of our books here.

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I participated in the Something Wicked Blog Hop (via My Guilty Obsession).

I also participated in the YA Horror / Thriller Spooktacular (via Peace, Love, Teen Fiction).

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My post for the Halloween Book Trail

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