My debut MG novel, THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY, released February 6, 2014...You never saw a girl more excited to spread the news!

The tour kicked off in late January, and has featured some fantastic interviews, guest posts, reviews, and vlogs; links to all stops are featured below.  

Live Posts:
Inkygirl - January 21 Interview
WhoRuBlog - January 22 Guest Post on Repurposed Items
One Writer's Journey - January 23 Interview
Paperback Treasures - January 24 Interview
At TheArtofNotGettingPublished, Susan observes that Auggie makes art from found objects, and asks what I found writing my books.  Here's my answer: 

Taffy's Writings - January 26 Interview
Word Spelunking - January 27 Interview
Valerie Storey - January 28 Tips for Writing MG Fiction
Much Loved Books - January 29 Sneak Peek
Medeia Sharif - January 31 Three Truths & One Lie
Deborah Lytton - January 31 Interview
Darlene Beck-Jacobson - February 1 Character Interview with Auggie
At Mod Podge Bookshelf, Gabrielle asks how I get in the right mindset to right MG and YA.  Here's my response:

...And just to prove how much fun I have filming vlogs, here's a silly outtake from my "right mindset" video; that's not a chainsaw in the background, it's my dog Jake!

 Literary Rambles - February 3 Interview
Scenes from a chaotic mind - February 4 Interview
At Bring on the Books, I discuss how "white circles" become one of the sweet "Auggie-isms" in THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY:

Children's Book Reviews - February 6 Guest Post / Path to Publication
Jody Casella's ON THE VERGE - February 7 Guest Post on Writing MG & YA.  At ON THE VERGE, I also discuss Auggie's voice in a vlog:


Bildungsroman - February 8 Interview
My Favorite Pastime - February 9 Interview
Jennifer Salvato Doktorski - February 10 Writer 2 Writer Interview
From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors - February 11 Guest Post on the Inspiration Behind THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY
I Am A Reader, Not A Writer - February 11 Character "This or That" with Auggie
Geo Librarian - February 12 Interview
Cynsations - February 13 Guest Post on the Power of Sticking With It
Reader Girls Blog - February Guest Post / Auggie's Favorite Things
At Bloggin' 'bout Books, I discuss love and THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY in this vlog:

She's Got Books on her Mind - February 15 Guest Post / Auggie's View of Rules
The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia - February 16 Interview
At author Naomi Kinsman's blog, I introduce Auggie with a reading from the book:

The Hiding Spot - February 19 Interview
Books for Kids - February 20 Interview
Read Now Sleep Later - February 21 Interview
Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks - February 27 Character Interviews with Auggie and Gus
ReaderKidZ - February 28 Interview (features links to folk art sites)!
Biblio File - March 1 Interview
Middle Grade March - March 3 Interview
Books of Wonder and Wisdom - March 4 Guest Post / Imagination's Power
Society of Young Inklings - March 17 Interview + Writing Challenge
Once Upon a Story - March 26 Character Interview with Gus
The O.W.L. - April 2 Post on Skype Visit
Author Of... - April 7 "Thinking Green" Earth Day Interview

Live Reviews:
Word Spelunking 
Bring on the Books 
My Favorite Pastime 
Geo Librarian 
Book Dreaming 
The Pirate Tree (Social Justice & Children's Literature) 
Books for Kids (features character sketches of Auggie and Gus)! 
Much Loved Books
Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks 
Biblio File 
Deb A. Marshall 
Books of Wonder and Wisdom 
Once Upon a Story 
The O.W.L. 
Nerdy Book Club
The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia


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