YA and MG Novels by Holly Schindler

YA and MG Novels by Holly Schindler

Sunday, March 28, 2010


You know the one. The author you idolized for years—years—the same author you had to actually work up the guts to email…the author who actually responded to your email. The author who maybe even promised to do an interview or write a guest post for your blog.

And then...

And then…


You were heartbroken—admit it. Felt like somebody had just stood you up. What happened? you wondered. Were some of my interview questions inappropriate or—offensive? Did the author decide they didn’t like my blog? Do they think I’m some giant loser because of where I live or what I said in my last review or what books I’ve got on my wish-list on Goodreads or…

Yeah. None of that.

Here’s the deal—writing is a 24/7 job. I’m not being cute, and I’m not trying to justify bad or rude behavior. But I know cardiologists who don’t keep any longer hours than I do (that’s no hyperbole). And the writers I’ve met this past year are no different. Writing is not leisurely. It’s hard. It’s something you’ve got to work at. Every. Single. Day. And the work load doesn’t get any lighter once you sell a book. It explodes.

(This is just a portion of my stack of yet-to-be-revised manuscripts.)

…So…next time you think a writer’s giving you the cold shoulder, please assume that the writer’s just plain busy. Send them a sweet, funny email reminding them of your previous correspondence. I guarantee they’ll delight in getting a thoughtful and understanding message from one of their biggest fans…

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