Monday, May 23, 2011


Yep, this is me right now: plugging away at my current WIP, trying to get her completely wrapped up. (Doesn't coming to the end of a project just make you want to sprint for the finish line?)

I'm really very lucky to be able to wake up and get to my current WIP this morning, too...Brutal storms all but destroyed Joplin last night...No debris in my own yard, though I've heard that residents near in the Springfield area are finding business records, X-rays, etc. on their property...If that storm had veered just a tad off its path, we would have been hit.

Just breaks my heart to see the footage of Joplin right now...

...To recap, here are last week's Playing Hurt Blog Tour Stops:

Interviews at Fiction Folio, YA Book Nuts, and Book Chic. The old lit major in me also wrote a guest post on the classics for Jez's Bookcase.

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