Thursday, December 1, 2011


About a year ago, Jake discovered he could dig. Yeah, I know—most dogs get hip to this discovery fairly early in life, but Jake’s funny about what touches his feet (don’t even get me started on the recent boot fiasco), so it took him a while to finally get his—ah—paws dirty.

Now, though? He’s got one hole he’s been working on for some time (kind of like the sweater I’ve been knitting since ’07)… He’s incredibly proud of it, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a bit that I’m showing it off here:

But the thing is, even though he’s obviously proud of his creation, he actually prefers to do his digging when he thinks nobody’s looking. And then he shows up at the back door looking like this:

That nose will give you away every time, buddy…


  1. I used to have am Irish Setter shall I phrase this daintily...raided the cat's litter box. Then she'd come up to my chair with this atrocious breath and a ring of kitty litter stuck to her wet nose. And I'd say, "You've been in the cat box!" And she was always so amazed that I knew. I think she thought I was magic. How else would I have figured it out?

  2. So funny! Jake's got such short legs that the only way he can really dig is to loosen the dirt with his front feet, then push it out of the hole with his nose! Talk about a mess...


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