Wednesday, June 13, 2012


That was the actual sound my old camera made when it struck the pavement.  Followed by some sad-sounding clinks and rattles as tiny electrical parts spewed everywhere...Usually, I don't get too terribly sentimental (I generally think stuff's just stuff), but I have to admit, I got kind of upset about breaking the old camera.  That thing got this blog started, and went along to all my first author events.

A new camera means a gal's got to spend some time in the backyard, figuring out the settings and buttons...Jake, as usual, was more than happy to offer his services as model:

  And as this pic of some flowers out back reveals, I just might not be too terribly unhappy to be such a klutz, for once:


  1. Cute pic, and even cuter dog. It takes so much time for me to get my dog to sit still and pose. It's sooo hard. I end up getting random action shots, or ones of him sitting while OBVIOUSLY waiting on me to give him a treat..

  2. Thanks, Sherre! Jake LOVES to get his picture taken. He actually comes running when he sees us get the camera out!


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