Monday, January 4, 2016


Welcome to Finley! Without realizing it, you’ve been there once before, when you read “Come December.” 
Finley is a quaint Missouri town—as warm and welcoming as a quilt on a winter night. It’s the kind of place the residents grow homesick for the moment the town slips from the rearview mirror. And it’s also the setting of my latest short story, “January Thaw.”
I adore visiting Finley—the words I use to describe the town absolutely warm my heart, and hope they’ll warm yours as well. I plan to return often throughout 2016—once a month, I’ll release a new stand-alone short story set in the fictional Finley.
More on “January Thaw”:

Annie returns to her small hometown of Finley to celebrate her newfound success as an up-and-coming young artist...only to come face-to-face with Justin, her childhood best friend and a journalist who recently penned a scathing review of her work. Can an artist and her biggest critic find common ground—or have Justin's words destroyed their friendship for good?

“January Thaw” is available now on:

And is in the process of uploading to:

Coming soon: more on my next full-length novel!

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