Monday, October 31, 2016


First, I have to thank you all for taking the FOREVER FINLEY journey with me! When I wrote "Come December" last November, I had no idea it would spiral into what has since become my favorite writing project. I've loved returning to the town of Finley once a month throughout 2016--and I've learned so much being able to rapid-fire publish throughout the year. I've appreciated both your enthusiasm and feedback.

That having been said, I'm delighted to announce that the FOREVER FINLEY FINALE is now live. I found the last two stories--"Pale November" and "December Bells" flowed one right into the next, and felt it was best to put them together in the same download:


The conclusion to the
Forever Finley Short Story Series…or is it?

Named for the young woman who died tragically before her wedding day, Finley is a small town unlike any other. Founded shortly after the Civil War by Amos Hargrove, Finley Powell’s grieving fiancĂ©, Finley-ites of today still believe that Amos’s undying affection—and a million little miracles—will reunite two hearts meant to be together. Will the legend that has perpetuated the idea of their forever love finally be fulfilled? Can a happy ending actually be the beginning of a new chapter for a town called Finley?

The FOREVER FINLEY FINALE is available now at:


I'm also in the midst of compiling the entire FOREVER FINLEY short story series. The collection will be available this month. News of the release--announcements regarding 2017 projects--and a chance to win a copy of FOREVER FINLEY--in the next newsletter!

Happy reading--and have an even happier Halloween!

--Holly (Cleopatra) and Jake the Hot Dog:

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