Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring’s creeping, slow as a breeze up an arm. Which means that it’s time to pull out the tuning hammer and curl my back over the family Cable.

Our piano’s a real heirloom—the only item my grandfather ever purchased “on time.” Funny, that old expression for charging an item…especially since the piano is what bought me time. Teaching music lessons in the afternoons allowed me to pay those pesky bills while devoting eight hours every day to my writing.

I love the music of old pianos. Their soundboards don’t just vibrate with notes, but with history. The hopes of three generations float out from the inside of mine, every time so much as a single scale is played on the (okay, faux) ivories…


  1. Music is a big part of my life. I love the sound of pianos.

  2. I took piano lessons for 11 years. Wow! I'd never actually calculated haha. That's a lot longer than I thought. Huh, you'd think I'd be better. (Musical theory and I are not friends)Anyways, I agree about older pianos, they're so beautiful. I played on one once and it did have an authentic sound.


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