Friday, October 30, 2009


Let’s see…black lipstick? Check. Blue undead serial-killing supermodel wig? Check. Outdoor “cemetery” decorations from every party, card, and hobby shop in town? Check. Window jack-o’-lanterns, plastic fangs, wads of spider webs? Check, check, check.

An oddly pumpkin-colored and—come on, admit it—demonic-looking sky, just in time for Halloween? Yeah, that’s a bonus.

Have a pus-filled, gory, ghastly Halloween, everyone! (Here, your ears fill with a wicked witch’s cackle…)


  1. Yay! For black lipstick! I already got mine ;)

  2. Hi Holly,
    Thank you for your Jacketflap invitation.
    Hope you had a good Halloween, I like the spooky sky photo. I wore my black lippy for the Halloween proceedings!:)
    Can I put your blog on my Creative site list?
    I am now following you here!;)
    See you again soon.
    Jo May.


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