Saturday, March 13, 2010


A fun new interview has just been posted this morning at YA Addict!

…Favorite question: “Tell us a little bit about the main character, Aura.”

I really love it when readers see characters as people…makes me think of all those characters I adored as a teen, that I wished I went to school with. Really. Wouldn’t high school have been much more enjoyable if it was populated with you all-time favorite characters?


  1. Hiya!
    I was looking about debuting authors and I stumbled across your blog. I'm very glad I did since your novel looks so insanely awesome!
    I'm very much looking forward to your book (Especially since Sharon Creech also loved it! I LOVE her!)
    Expect to hear from me often.

    Love, Hannah
    P.s Your cover is beautiful and it'll make a fantastic addition to my bookshelf!

  2. That was a great interview. I hope your book comes out here right away so I can get a copy of it. And I love the cover as well ; )

  3. My high school definitely would have been more interesting if book characters were there. Hmm...maybe that's an idea for a book.

  4. I just noticed the picture of your dog - my dog is always waiting for the same thing.


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