Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I’ll fess up: reading reviews of your own book online can be a little like walking down a dark alley at midnight…only to bump into a shadow-cloaked figure who wants nothing more than to tear you to bloody shreds. Seriously. It can be.

Other times, though, it can be absolutely rewarding. Like when I bumped into a mention of A BLUE SO DARK at Michelle’s Bookshelf, in her Friday’s Finest…I really love this new meme…bloggers pull a quote (no spoilers) that haunts them long after they finish a book. (Really allows an author’s work to speak for itself.)

Michelle also had this to say about BLUE:
“This book is so powerful and beautiful. The writing is so stunning. Just in the opening chapter alone I made note of a bunch of quotes that I loved.”

…This morning, when I read the intro to the review recently posted at mydrook reads (“Quick disclaimer: this isn’t really my type of book”), I definitely got that dark alley feeling…until I read on, finding that this reviewer enjoyed BLUE, despite it being outside of her genre of preference, stating, “It well written, carefully thought out, and vividly, at times painfully, realistic.”

…Love her open-mindedness, and the fact that the identified growth in Janny as well as Aura, claiming:

“Both Aura and her friend are dealing with ridiculously difficult things and have practically no one to help them through it. But both of them show believable growth through the course of the novel. Aura starts off as scared, stubborn, and selfish, but by the end she exhibits impressive strength, flexibility, and bravery. The ending, while satisfying, does not set the scene for a squeaky clean, happy ever after for any of the characters, and I liked that. The romance in the story was cute, but definitely not the focus. I thought that might disappoint me, but actually I found it refreshing to read a YA book where the sole concern of the protagonist was something other than finding her soul mate.”

High praise indeed…

…Ooooh, and stay tuned for Friday’s posting, in which we’re visited by Holly Cupala, author of the newly-released TELL ME A SECRET!

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  1. Aww, you're more than welcome! I'm really loving A Blue So Dark. Your writing is super beautiful.


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