Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Okay, so I screamed about it all day on Twitter yesterday...and I'll shout about it here, too: A BLUE SO DARK has won a Gold Medal in the IPPY Awards!

Never to be outdone by her older sibling, though, my second born, PLAYING HURT, received an incredible review from VOYA! I loved it so much, I'm putting it all in full, below:

"The last thing that ex-star basketball player Chelsea Keyes has on her mind when she arrives at Camp Lake in the Woods is a summer of training. She is miserable, reliving the awful accident on the court that ended her college-ball-bound career, not to mention her relationship with her father and her standing at school. No longer Chelsea 'Nitro' Keyes, pride of Fair Grove, she is bitter about her loss and the metal plate holding together her hip. Scared of reinjuring herself, she refuses to participate in even the slightest activities, thus complicating matters when her father hires a trainer for her for their summer vacation at the camp. Chelsea tries to resist Clint and his attempts to rehabilitate her, but the former sports star is drawn to the mysterious ex-hockey player. He, too, knows the agony of playing hurt and the difficulties of letting go. Playing Hurt chronicles a summer of healing for two teens who help one another work through personal tragedy. Told through alternating narratives, Schindler's novel reads like a summer afternoon. Both heartbreaking and thrilling, the emotional journey that Clint and Chelsea embark on together is more than a heady romance; the characters are realistically drawn, and the book does not shy away from the reality of the characters' experiences: anger and grief mixed with desire and yearning. The book speaks to personal struggles and triumphs and the ability of the human spirit to heal. Playing Hurt is a good read." Reviewer: Courtney Huse Wika


  1. Congrats again. I'm sure you deserved it.

  2. Good job! YAY!


  3. Congrats Holly. I read a post you posted today and agree on when you became a writer; I have wanted to write since I had learned to write and was myself shy and felt writing was my way of "speaking" so to speak and get things off my chest and still do to this day. If there is any advice you could give an aspiring writer, that would be greatly appreciated. Congrats again and I look forward to reading your books.

  4. Thanks so much for the congrats, guys! And Eva...I love posting advice for aspiring authors...Check out my latest vlog post (in which I give advice to a group of teen writers)!


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