Monday, May 14, 2012


Full-time writing is not a leisurely occupation.  It's in no way a job that allows a person to simply wait around for inspiration to float by, so they can casually scrawl a few lines on a page, toss it their agent's way and instantly start racking up royalties.  Writing is the toughest gig out there—and once you begin, you’d better be prepared to work more weekly hours than a cardiologist. 
That having been said, any workaholic still has to have some sort of downtime.  One of the things I’m doing now in my off-hours is helping my brother, John, who has taken the full-time plunge into working for himself, selling antiques, collectibles and other vintage goodies online as Wisdom Lane Antiques

It’s a joy to accompany him on buying trips (he’s been my own personal photog these past few years, attending all my author events to take pics or video, and it's nice to be able to help him out a bit).  In addition to offering my brother a second set of eyes while shopping, I also get a chance to change up my own writing scenery: I put my NEO in the car (like any good workaholic) and always manage to score a cool new writing spot—under big trees at farm auctions or in the front yards of estate sales. 

I've long had my own love of anything vintage—and have a fairly sprawling collection of antique costume jewelry to show for it.  For years, I've been deconstructing out-of-fashion necklaces, bracelets, etc. (nothing signed or valuable, don't worry), and rearranging the antique pieces in a more contemporary way.  I’ve been wearing my own reinvented necklaces and bracelets for years, and have a few for sale now, at my brother’s Etsy shop:
Click to view on John's Etsy Shop

Click to view on John's Etsy Shop

You can even now buy the necklace I’m wearing in my author photo here at the blog:

Click to view on John's Etsy Shop

Head on over and check them out.  You can also follow my brother on Twitter: @Wisdom_Lane.  Tell him I sent you!

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