Thursday, August 16, 2012


Mmmmm.  Dog cake.
This year, my pup's birthday fell just as I was wrapping up my first round of revisions for my forthcoming YA, FERAL, so it seemed a bit like a double celebration.  (Yep, I celebrate my dog's birthday every year, as well as the anniversary of the day he came home with us...How can you not celebrate the creature who brings so much joy into your life???)

It was an evening of dog cake and ice cream new toys...and I'd say, judging by his expression, that Jake was more than pleased:

That's the face of sheer bliss, folks.


  1. Holly: my family celebrates our dogs' birthdays too!! In fact, one of them is coming up in a week! But I've never been clever enough to make an awesome dog cake, complete with stocked fish pond. Yet another reason for you to be my hero!!!

    1. Yay--another dog b-day gal! Happy early birthday to your fuzzy one!

  2. Thanks, Holly! Finney (the birthday boy) is my beloved scoundrel. Here is a complete list of food-related items he will not eat:

    (end of list)
    He has been known to snatch complete sandwiches out of the hands of humans.

    1. That's Jake's list! I'm pretty sure his all-time fave food is braunschweiger.


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