Thursday, January 9, 2014


By now, it's not news at all that we're having an utterly rotten winter here in the Ozarks.  But I just can't seem to bring myself to take pictures of the massive inches of snow or the icicles hanging off the house.  It's evidence of melting—the sight of the ground poking through the white stuff—that makes me want to break out the camera.

I think I just prefer the look of a good thaw...I like the look of a cold, hard time giving way to a warmer season...


  1. We have snow falling again here. Even though I'm really tired of it, I did get my camera out to take some pictures. It's just so pretty....But, yea, after 4 snow days, I'm ready for this to be OVER. I fear it's not......

  2. Snow's melted here...But I have the same fear--that it's just the beginning!


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