Monday, August 10, 2015


My editor and I are hard at work getting PLAY IT AGAIN (the sequel to PLAYING HURT) in tiptop shape. That's one of the absolute best parts of indie work, I think--being able to work on a manuscript without a set time limit, making sure all the pieces are just as you want them before releasing your latest book to your readers.
In the interim, though, I wanted to share what kind of questions I'm addressing in this new book...
There’s no love quite like the first. Ever. But what if you could go back? What if there was a chance to pick up where that first love left off? What if you could revisit the most powerful summer romance of your life? The one that changed you for the better? Would you do it? Or would you prefer to leave well enough alone, thinking that you could never possibly tap back into what you once had? Would you be afraid that if it didn't live up to what you remembered, you'd be forever disappointed--you'd even think differently of that time in your life?
Or: What if your former love walked back into your life out of nowhere? After you had put that chapter of your life behind you? How would you feel about seeing that person again?

Don't miss out! Find out how these questions work their way into the plot of PLAY IT AGAIN. The official release date will be announced on my newsletter ( I'll also be hosting giveaways for subscribers.

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