Friday, April 8, 2016


Those of you who have read FIFTH AVENUE FIDOS know that it’s really two books in one—Mable, the main character, has an incredibly active imagination. And in her own mind, she’s a princess. Not a flawless princess—not even close. The princess Mable is in her fantasy life is every bit as imperfect as Mable. She bumbles along in a magical metropolitan kingdom that's a mirror image of Mable’s New York City. Readers have loved Princess Rosy (Mable’s fairy tale alter ego). So much so, I’ve taken the Princess Rosy sections and compiled them into a standalone novelette, available as a free read:

Princess Leftover: A Comedy of Errors, Luckless Disasters, and Fairy Tale Mishaps

A novelette that insists we grab the starring roles—become the princesses of our own fairy tales.

Princess Leftover is a bumbler, constantly screwing up despite her magical surroundings. She descends her father’s tower to make her way in the Frog District of her metropolitan kingdom, only to join forces with the Prince of Klutz and his brachycephalic dragon. Can such a hodgepodge, clumsy trio ever expect to ride happily into the sunset?

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