Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yep, I’ve done it. Me—Lil’ Miss Pen ‘N Ink. Ms. I-Loathe-High-Tech. Our Lady Of The Spiral-Bound Notebook. Moi.

I bought an e-reader.

I’m more than halfway through my first book on the Kindle (an adult thriller), and I have to say, it really is fun to read on…

…So much so, I’m already wondering what I’ll read next on the little gadget…

Whoulda thunk, eh?


  1. I have a Sony Pocket e-reader and I've really enjoyed using it. I hate that there aren't many books available for free (galleys and such) since that's what I spend a lot of my time reading. But for traveling, it's fantastic!

  2. LOL. I haven't budged yet... but I may in the future get one.

  3. It really is pretty cool, Steph! (I thought it'd drive me nuts, not being able to turn actual pages, etc.) But I think I might read FASTER on this thing. And Sarah, I know what you mean about the free stuff...I'm trying to get the knack of finding freebies...The ol' lit major in me is sorta geeked out about the fact that so many classics are $0. (I'm thinkin' maybe DRACULA next, since I haven't read that one yet...)

  4. Omg, I'm still on the fence on those things! When they first came out, I had this abhorence to them- like I would be betraying the world of literature if I didn't read an actual book. But now...I see so many authors and agents have them, I am starting to feel like maybe it's okay...I still need some convincing, but now that my husband has a super duper major job at Best Buy, I think I'll be trying out all those gadgets sooner or later.

  5. I had the same feeling, Abby...I know EXACTLY what you mean about "betraying the world of literature..." And I thought, "Reading a book on a SCREEN? NEVER!" Then it dawned on me: "Holly, you dope, you read your OWN books on a screen all the time!" Still don't think e-readers will REPLACE books, just add to the reading experience...Know what I mean?

  6. I love my Kindle. I started e-reading back in March on smaller devices, but bought a Kindle this summer.


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