Monday, September 27, 2010


Okay, people, when I said scare me, I meant scare me. I’m noooooot quite quakin’ yet…so be sure to send in some more creepy prompts for the October chapter of the Flash Fiction Challenge!

…One thing that’s not scary at all, and that made me smile this weekend? A post on Writerly Thoughts about the possibility of not being able to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo:

“…my parents want me to pass all my courses, and I doubt they’d let me pull a Holly Schindler and just write all the time.”

Love that! I think I’m becoming a verb!

…I also got this super-cool review at Café Saturday. Such a great review, in fact, that it was tough to pick a snippet. But I love this paragraph:

“While the majority of the story does focus on Aura and her family, including her remarried father and estranged grandmother, there is a subplot with a boy Aura has a huge crush on. First of all, I will say that Schindler tells so much story with so little time devoted to it that I marveled at her skill. Secondly, there is a scene with Aura and Jeremy and a skateboard and a drainage ditch that blew my mind. Not because it was oh-so-romantic, but because of how Aura was affected by it in that moment. It was a perfect merging of the two plot threads, and quite possibly one of the best scenes I’ve read all year.”



  1. Yay! You are a verb! I wish I could pull a "holly schindler" and just write all the time too :)

  2. I thought is as amazing that two guys invented a verb - google. And I have have known people who are worthy of being a adjective. My daughter uses her brother's name in the place of nerd or geek; "Oh, don't be a Whitney"
    But I've never met anyone who was a verb. Congrats you deserve it!

  3. Thanks, guys! Funny thing is, though, I just started yet another DIY home project...refinishing kitchen cabinets. Right about now, I wish I could ditch the paint stripper and "holly schindler" it for a whole day, too!


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