Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Some pretty disturbing pieces have wiggled their way into the news lately…My lifelong home state of Missouri is now ranked seventh in the nation in food insecurity. St. Louis now holds the title of most dangerous US city; Kansas City scores twenty-first on the same list.

…I’ve been watching the mass exodus of jobs in Springfield since Zenith left in the late 80’s / early ‘90’s…And I cringe when local newscasts glorify job creation at call centers and sandwich shops. Sandwich shops? That’s no career for an adult with a family to support. That’s a job you get for gas money when you’re still in high school.

As the granddaughter of a couple who both worked in a Kansas City steel mill (and who made enough money at that mill to send their kid to college and live a comfortable life in the process), I have to say it’s time to bring manufacturing back to Missouri. We need jobs in Missouri. Real jobs. NOW.

…In the meantime, I’m going to be thankful this holiday for the basics: a hot meal, a warm house, a puppy dog smile…(Really—what can bring a smile to your own face quicker than a happy grin from your pup?)

Here’s to a peaceful, satisfying, and happy Thanksgiving…


  1. I'm sad to hear this and you're right about the call centers and sandwich shops not being full-time career jobs.

  2. I'm sad about it, too, Medeia...My grandparents didn't exactly have glamorous lives, but they had everything they needed and then some. That life doesn't really exist in MO anymore. Working class is synonymous with working poor. And that infuriates me and breaks my heart all at the same time...


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