Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Ah, 2010—what an incredible year…And as 2011 gets well underway, all I can say is, "Inspiration is in the air!"

…You know, one of the most difficult jobs a writer has is just finding a great idea. And you guys all proved, during my Flash Fiction Challenge, that you're just brimming with great ideas. So get out there and put those ideas to use…(Never letting a single spark of inspiration go by? Yup—it’s my 2011 resolution…)

Here’s to a daily word count that sends smoke coming out of the keyboard…


  1. I bet it was an incredible year! So many happy dances for all the success you've enjoyed thus far. May you be blessed and have many more!

  2. Thanks so much! Right back 'atcha...

  3. just read your article in the scbwi news letter. I say Amen. I would love to do an interview or review if you could give me an endorsement as well. We are all in this together! hallililburn.blogspot.com


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