Monday, January 31, 2011


Seems as though I’ve been blogging more than usual about music lately—Zac Brown, David Nail

Thing is, when I started blogging, it was because I’d just sold A BLUE SO DARK and my editor thought it’d be a good idea. So I put up the blog with the idea that it’d be about writing and reading...books and literature. Period. But music’s such an integral part of my life (the students I met while giving private piano and guitar lessons were the reason I started writing kid lit in the first place!), that not blogging about it has gotten to be a little like walking around your whole life pretending your left arm doesn’t exist.

Just imagine it: every time you go to hug an old friend, or carry a stack of books back to the library, you only use your right arm, leaving your left to just dangle limply at your side, like some fake rubber thing made for Halloween pranks. Weird, right? Yeah, weird. So from now on, music posts. On occasion.

Like this, for example: I just discovered this tune / band, and had, had, had to share: "Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars. Incredible song…Raw as a canker sore...And isn’t John Paul White a dead ringer for Johnny Depp?

(Click to purchase.)


  1. Yes, he does look like Johnny Depp! Love the song! It is raw, makes me feel like someone knows all my deep dark secrets.


  2. LOVE that, Heather! " someone knows all my deep dark secrets." Yes. Exactly...


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