Thursday, March 24, 2011


I just got one of the coolest reviews of all time on Amazon. Seriously. Check out this last paragraph in the review for PLAYING HURT:

“In the book, Chelsea and Clint vow to "never live timidly," and to never take the coward's way out again. As a storyteller, Holly follows her character's advice. She doesn't hold anything back, whether it's exploring sexuality, living with regret and pain, or hurting the ones you love the most and dealing with the fallout. Her characters live and breathe, and in the end, become a part of you.”
—R. Harris

Really. How incredible is that?

I’m also proud to announce I’ve got my PLAYING HURT reading finished!

You have no idea what I had to go through to get this reading. Really. No idea. Every time I opened my mouth, kids started screaming in the street. Construction trucks parked outside and honked. My dog started snoring.

I honestly expected some of Dr. Seuss’s tanktookas and bambloozas to start blaring!

But here she is, finally: my reading of PLAYING HURT…

Those of you who’d like to read more (especially from Clint) can check out the sneak peek at The Serpentine Library!

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