Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So I'm in the midst of working on rewrites for FERAL, my next YA (forthcoming from HarperCollins).  And all I can say is that I am in absolute heaven (revisions are my absolute favorite part of the process). 

I also figure that being up to my eyebrows in revisions means I'm going to need plenty of Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken (such good writing's right up there with coffee).  If you're not familiar with Springfield-Style, it's one of our claims to fame here in the Queen City.  It's even got its own Wikipedia Entry!

Photo taken from Lucy's website...It's probably still my fave place to get the dish here in town. 

And I'm back to work (I say with complete and utter joy)...


  1. I like cashews! I like chicken! So what does a nonSpringfield girl have to do to get a recipe??

    1. It's pretty easy, really: fried (or steamed) rice, topped with chunks of fried chicken, oyster sauce (I've seen it described as a "mild gravy"), cashews, and green onions. You can Google "Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken Recipe" and find a slew of recipes to choose from (really, all you need to know how to make is the oyster sauce). It's addictive...but do not--I repeat--do NOT forget the green onions! (It's just not the same without them...) Enjoy!!


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