Monday, November 12, 2012


Without a doubt, fall in the Ozarks can be strikingly beautiful.  Some autumns, the colors are so vibrant, it seems an absolute sin to spend any time indoors at all.

This autumn?  The colors aren't quite so bright.  Muted is more like it.  Subtle.  Earthy.  Instead of bright reds and oranges, we've got mustards.  Rusts.  Lingering greens mixed in. 

But as I was out and about, filming these clips, I was struck by how really beautiful subtlety can be...

What does your fall look like?


  1. Hi Holly,
    Some people think the Puget Sound is nothing but rain...not so. You can't have a temperate Rain forest without rain. Washington is called the Evergreen State but it's not all forest green and wet.
    In the Fall we have:
    Gray green mornings and lavender sunsets. Yellow big leaf maples, red Canadian maples, yellow and blush crab apples hanging on a bare 60 year old tree.
    Huge red cedars with tiny rusty cones silhouetted against purple dark skies filled with white Terns heading south.
    Fire flickering in the wood burning stove and Auroas flickering low in the northern horizon.
    Green ocean water rolling bleached white driftwood and burgandy seaweed up on the edges of the golden beaches.
    And my 18-month-old grand daughter stuffing the last of the sweet blue berries into her mouth as fast as she can.
    I love the seasons subtle or bright.
    I hope you have wonderful season, it looks like you have a good start!


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