Monday, December 10, 2012


This girl is brilliant.  Seriously.

I'm in complete awe of people who can cram an entire book into a three-minute pop song.  And Kacey Musgraves does that beautifully here.

As a single girl in the Ozarks, I also have to say I relate to this one on a personal level.  I adore my area of the country, but I'd be lying if I said that certain area events (remember Sarah Ockler?) and attitudes didn't just embarrass me down to my toes. 


...How about you?  What songs have you sworn told your own story?


  1. It's amazing how some songs can do that, isn't it? If I had to choose one to describe my life currently, it would be 'Youth' by Daughter. It almost gives me the chills. Especially,
    'If you're still breathing
    You're the lucky ones
    Cos most of us are breathing through corrupted lungs
    Setting fire to our insides for fun
    Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong.'

    Give it a listen.

  2. Although I don't usually listen to such mainstream stuff (very hipster, I know), the song which defines me has to be "Perfect" by P!nk. Beautiful lyrics, simple message, and an artist who draws the line between pop star and pop tart.

  3. Cool stuff, guys! Such an amazing thing, being able to see yourself in someone else's song...


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