Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It's no secret I dig art; my first YA and MG both focused on art themes.  When I head out on buying trips with my brother, a full-time antiques dealer, I also find myself gravitating toward art buys.  I'm not-so-secretly convinced that one of these days, I'll snatch up a masterpiece for $5.  Actually, last winter, I was certain I'd bought a William S. Burroughs original (not one of his shotgun paintings, but a small mixed-media piece), but it turned out that the signature wasn't quite right. 

Last weekend, I snatched these guys up.  They're glazed ceramic wall hangings, all signed similarly (what appears to be "Sh 2002").  I completely dig their expressions.  Anybody know anything about the artist or these objects?


  1. Found your blog post through your Twitter update. =)
    What a neat buy! Being that they came in a set of three, my mind references the Furies or Cerberus. Maybe I'm overreaching though. In addition to art, I also like mythology.

    1. Oooh. I never considered they were characters! (I had it in my head they were creatures made up by the artist.) What a cool thought...


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