Sunday, April 13, 2014


One of my favorite ways to clear the ol' head in-between rounds of drafting and revising is to go on buying trips with my full-time antiques-and-collectibles-selling brother (he can be found on Etsy under Wisdom Lane). 

Last week, we happened upon a collection of vintage jumpsuits (which are again back in style).  These things are so fun; the black ensemble pictured here is definitely from the 80s (tapered legs, shoulder pads), but the others we snagged are older 70s-era jumpsuits, bell-bottoms and all.

I had to post for my teen readers, since I actually think any one of these jumpsuits would make an incredibly fun prom outfitespecially for the girl who's into the retro look (some platform heels, a funky bag and vintage jewelry, and you're set...and I guarantee no one else will have the same outfit)!

You can check out the black jumpsuit here; he's also selling a yellow ruffled-sleeve number with bell-bottoms, a pink jumpsuit with pretty sheer sleeves, and a navy floral jumpsuit (which I think is the least formal but most modern-looking of the bunch).

*Update: These things are going fast.  The yellow ruffled-sleeve jumpsuit has already sold. 

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