Monday, August 16, 2010


You know the ones—the guys who lick our faces through rejection and curl into our laps as we revise. The guys who pull us out into the sunshine for a walk when we get muddle-brained. The guys who offer up some funny antic (like, say, hiding under a curtain when it’s time to get their teeth brushed...) that a fresh round of belly laughter makes us lighten up our manuscripts. The guys who race across the house with our rough drafts in their mouths, or blur ink with muddy footprints, and look at us as if to say, What are you so mad about? You weren’t actually thinking of submitting that drivel, were you?

Yep, this one’s for the fuzzy, long-eared editors, who see us at our absolute worst, roll their eyes, wait for the worst to pass, and love us the way we love our writing. Unconditionally. No reserve.

…My own four-legged editor recently had a birthday…and we celebrated with gusto. Party galore. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Birthday party for my dog…He’s not the only one that loves unconditionally and without reserve ‘round here…


  1. Aw, your four-legged editor is so cute! I have one of those myself and she certainly keeps things interesting. In fact, she's poking me with her wet nose right now. :-)

  2. Too cute! In my case though, it's a two legged editor. My bird (my son's allergic to dogs and cats). She lets me know when I've gone too far by standing all over my keyboard.

  3. So sweet, you guys! I don't know where I would have been without my Jake as I was trying to snag that first pub deal...or where I'd be without him now...Lisa, your comment reminds me of one of my cats growing up--Peter. He used to stand on my math textbook while I was doing homework, as if to say, YOU WILL NEVER NEED ALGEBRA. TRUST ME. He was sooo right...

  4. That is one cute and helpful dog! I just read your interview over on Medeia Sharif's blog and it was wonderful! It was encouraging to me as a writer. I'm really excited for your book releases and can't wait to go buy my copies! :)


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