Friday, August 6, 2010


I’m just now recovering from a computer malfunction that took the majority of the week to resolve…I’m sort of torn between feeling ultra-grateful that I’m now able to get back to emailing and updating my online life, and really hating how absolutely dependent I am on a square box and a bunch of wires. (I was the last person in the universe to sign up for Facebook. Now, suddenly, I can’t breathe without it? What gives?)

Anyway, first headline I saw this morning when I logged back on was about the Whitesnake video. You’ve seen it, right? “Here I Go Again,” ten million hits on YouTube.

…And suddenly, I’m thinking about me, 1992. Five years after the ‘Snake vid, but still loving—and I mean loving—my hair bands (and anything metal-ish) nonetheless. (Yup, I’m fifteen in the picture below…and that’s the drummer of Tesla signing an autograph for me…)

And I’m thinking about life before computers, before cell phones (in 1992, it was before answering machines in the Schindler household), and I’m tallying up the incredible—seriously—incredible word count I racked up during this past week when I was unplugged, and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t unplug more often…I mean, even for a few hours, one day on the weekend…

Sounds like heaven, actually…a little circa ’92 living…hmmm…


  1. Unplugging does sound like a good idea!

  2. Yes, we've become dependent on our boxes and flat screens. I'm sure I'd get more writing done without the internet. The only things I don't miss are my manual and electric typewriters I had in the 90's. They did not guarantee fast writing.


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