Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Throw nothing away. Really. Honestly. Nothing.

When I first decided to try my hand at a YA, I mined my old notebooks and journals from high school, rereading old descriptive paragraphs, poems, short stories, and character sketches in order to reconnect with my teen voice.

As soon as I realized just how much the fifteen-year-old me sounded to the (by then) almost thirty-year-old me, I was off and running. Those old notebooks really gave me the fuel to write the first draft of A BLUE SO DARK. A few of the poems I wrote as a teen even made their way into the manuscript (though I tweaked them a bit to fit the goings-on of the novel).

Those old spiral-bound notebooks were really just indispensable. Really. I can’t imagine starting that first YA novel without them…

Now, though, I’m at the point that I look at my old stuff and think, There’s gold in them thar hills…And I wonder how I can manage to hang onto it all and avoid being on an episode of Hoarders


  1. I wish I had kept my notebooks from my teen years, and I did have many notebooks for journals, poems, and short stories. But I threw them out in my twenties thinking that they were juvenile and unnecessary.

  2. Bizarre the things we wind up wishing we kept, isn't it? One dilemma I've got to address: boxes of floppy disks (yeah, I know) from high school and early college. There's got to be a decent way to store it all, but if I PRINT it? I'll have a mountain of paper. Everybody'll have to call me Fire Hazard Holly.

  3. Awesome piece of advice. I try to keep as much of my writing as possible.


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