Monday, January 4, 2010


I thought for a while I might be becoming a winter person. Yeah, well, that’s over. Five inches of snow over the weekend makes me want to snarl like a Rott at an approaching mailman.

…And, sure, I’ve got too much stuff to do for the weather to matter. I know—so A BLUE SO DARK is going through proofreading. Okay. And so I need to revise PLAYING HURT. Sure. So I’ve discovered, over the past few months, that anybody who thinks writing is a leisurely occupation is (as we’d put it here in the Ozarks) a complete and total idgit.

Right. So I’m tied to my keyboard. But couldn’t I be tied to my keyboard just as easily in Turks & Caicos???


  1. But it looks so pretty!! I want snow.. can you send some my way??

  2. LOL! I know how you feel. From Dec 24 to Dec 26 we got 14 inches of snow. Not fun at all.


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