Monday, April 13, 2015


Frank Schmeisser's THE INCREDIBLE THREE AND A HALF SUPERHEROES is, as we would say in the Ozarks, a real hoot.

The book description promises a good time:

The top secret, totally true adventures of the child superhero team, the Incredible Three and a Half. Most superheroes hide behind masks as they battle against injustice in the world and, for their own protection, their true identities are kept top secret. But for reasons beyond his control, incorrigible sixth grader Sebastian Appleby-Krumble is forced to write down his exploits as part of the superhero team the Incredible Three and a Half. The Incredible Three and a Half Superheroes is a humorous, behind-the-scenes tale of the action-packed adventures of Sebastian, otherwise known as the Brain, and his friends Barbara "Action Barbie" Bakewell, Martin "The Chameleon" Koslowski, and Martin's imaginary friend Dickie, "The Chicken." Young readers will find out why Aunt Hilda's birthday ended in disaster; why Dolittle, the class hamster, wound up wearing camouflage; and how Sebastian was almost arrested while wearing a giraffe costume. Most importantly, they will discover why everyone must protect the secret identities of the Incredible Three and a Half to save the world from danger!

...And the book itself delivers everything that copy promises. Laugh-out-loud humor, and utterly delightful drawings throughout  by Jorge Muhle. Some language makes the book a better fit for upper middle grade or young adult. But it's a great choice for reluctant readers, boys, comic or graphic novel enthusiasts, or the young comedian in your life. Plenty of humor will also appeal to adult readers who appreciate books for young readers. And kudos for featuring both a female superhero AND giving the imaginary friend superhero status as well. An incredibly fun book that sucks you in from the start and keeps you chuckling until the last page.

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