Thursday, February 24, 2011


The love for the locals continues with Amanda at Another Book Junkie! Today, I’m offering a list of Springfield faves.

Funny but true: You don’t know how acclimated you get to the tastes of a particular region until you leave. When my old college friends come back into town, they all have their own favorite haunts where they insist we do our catching up.

If I were to leave this area for an extended period of time, I know I’d miss my Mexican Villa. Two beef enchiladas and a Coke. Now, that’s livin’…

Be sure to head on over to Amanda’s blog, comment and link for the PLAYING HURT signed-copy contest!

Favorite Things About Springfield

Having lived in Springfield, Missouri my entire life, I’ve racked up a lifetime worth of favorites…

Do you think our cashew chicken is nationwide fame worthy?

Do I. In fact, I specifically requested Lucy’s Cashew Chicken for my last birthday dinner.

Where was your favorite place to hang out as a teenager?

The mall. Back when the mall had movie theaters—and record stores—and an arcade! If I could find an 80’s-vintage mall, I STILL think it’d be a good time…

Have you ever visited Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield?

Oh, yes. Field trips in school, Civil War reenactments…I’d have to say I personally prefer it to, say, The Nature Center.

Do you support any local sports teams?

I’m funny about sports—I get involved in individual players, rather than teams. Got to be a Greinke fan when he played for the Royals…Now that he’s been traded, it looks like I’m going to be following the Brewers.

Are the Fantastic Cavers really that “fantastic”?

In the picture taken of me at Fantastic Caverns, I have my new Cabbage Patch doll with me (oh, how that dates me)…It’s been a long time, but I do remember thinking it was cool.

What towns in the area are you particularly fond of?

I have family ties to the Fair Grove area…there’s a town near Fair Grove—tiny little thing—called Bassville. My great grandmother’s first husband was a Bass. I swear, if it happened in the Ozarks, I’m tied to it somehow…

Favorite thing to do in Branson?

Honestly, I haven’t had a vacation since the summer of 1999. And the only complete day off I’ve taken since ’01 was May 1, 2010—A BLUE SO DARK’s release date. I’m dying to take a weekend—rent a cabin on the lake. I’m hoping to get there this summer. Fingers crossed.

Any particular restaurants in the area that you would recommend?

Mexican Villa. Two beef enchiladas and a Coke. I think I could write a sonnet about Mexican Villa beef enchiladas, actually.

If someone were to come to Springfield, MO for one day only, what specific Springfield attraction would you recommend?

Our skies. It’s a simple answer, but I swear, we have the most beautiful skies in the Ozarks…

What’s your favorite thing about Springfield, Missouri?

In short? It’s home. You know that feeling you get when you’ve been away from your house for a while? That it’s-so-good-to-be-back feeling? How fantastic it feels to sleep in your own bed after you’ve been gone? That’s Springfield for me.

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