Thursday, February 17, 2011


Before I sold my debut, A BLUE SO DARK, I thought swag and promo items were necessities of bands, not authors.

Yeah. I did. Stop laughing.

We all know the benefits of author swag, but figuring out where to obtain bookmarks, buttons, bookplates, posters, etc., can sometimes be a daunting process (especially for the not-quite-so-techie among us).

For those of you who have not yet visited Ninth Moon, you need to get over there pronto. Laron’s promotional items are reasonably priced and so beautifully, tastefully designed. Ninth Moon also offers additional graphic design services to spruce up your website / blog / social networking pages.

Ninth Moon has quickly become one of my all-time favorite sites for authors; I’m sure I’m one of many, many authors who’s bookmarked the site.

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