Friday, February 11, 2011


Yes, you can now read my blog, Novel Anecdotes, on the Kindle!

This is an absolutely exciting new venture…in many ways. Because I’m offering Novel Anecdotes on the Kindle, I’m also going to be upping the ante as far as blog content is concerned. I’ll be posting two to five days a week, on developments in my own career, and on the books being released by my own fantastic fellow authors. I’ll also be offering tons of writing tips to keep you productive and growing as an artist, as well as practical tips on the business—whether you’re trying to break in and snag your first deal, or are looking to grow your readership. The ongoing conversation will explode here at Novel Anecdotes, as I’ll be featuring interviews with authors and publishing enthusiasts and highlighting new bloggers who continue to add to this incredible, incredible community.

…I’m committed to my vlog posts (to add to the content here on the web), but each vlog post will also include substantial supplemental text, to keep Kindle subscribers entertained and in-the-know.

So get in on the fun! Subscribe to Novel Anecdotes on the Kindle

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