Wednesday, February 16, 2011


…Now that I’ve got you all psyched up for the PLAYING HURT Tour, courtesy of Teen Book Scene, I’ve got another exciting announcement:

I’m launching a leg of my own PLAYING HURT Tour, which will take place the week before the Teen Scene tour!

Four bloggers from my own Missouri home base will be participating:

GreenBeanTeenQueen: Feb. 21
The Juniper Breeze: Feb. 22
One Sparkling Star: Feb 23
Another Book Junkie: Feb. 24 will fellow YA author, Sarah Ockler: Feb. 25 (Sarah's latest, FIXING DELILAH, is now available).

Get ready and revved for the tour, because a prize will be given at the end of the week.

A prize, you say? Yup, so get out there and post comments, tweet about the tour, post links to the posts from your own blog or Facebook page, because she (or he) who racks up the most comments, tweets, and links, will win the very first signed giveaway copy of PLAYING HURT!

(Though I ask you wait until the end of the tour to enter for the giveaway, you can go ahead and view it here.)

Good luck and thanks in advance to my Locals!


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